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Interview with Stefano Fabretti – IV Dimensione Studio

Stefano Fabretti, an artist from punk music to tattoos.

Stefano Fabretti, 43, is an Italian tattoo artist. In October 2022 we had a chance to chat and do this short interview about his life.

Stefano, in addition to his passion for tattoos, is an accomplished guitarist and the co-founder of bands such as Peter Punk and Le Cattive Abitudini.


"Cattivo" Stefano Fabretti


43 year


Roncade, Veneto, Italy

When did you start your career as a tattoo artist? Why did you choose to become a tattoo artist?

I started tattooing in 2004, for two simple reasons I love drawing and I have always loved tattoos.

What is your favorite tattoo on your body?

I think the full sleeve on my left arm.

When did you get your first tattoo? What does it represent? How many tattoos do you have today?

I got my first tattoo on my own in the sixth grade and it represented, or rather scimiotta, a tattoo I saw on Max Cavallera's arm. Sort of a tribal.

Currently I am proceeding with massive body coverage, I am missing the head the buttocks a part of the neck and alas the back, which being full of moles I will not be able to do.

How would you define your style? What has and does influence you in the style of your tattoos?

My style ranges from 'horror to black and white bi-organic.

I was mostly influenced by horror movies, HR Giger and anything macabre in general. There are also many tattoo artists and illustrators I admire and am constantly inspired by but the list would be too long 🤣!

Have you ever tattooed something that you regretted or didn't like?

I will be honest I am never 100% happy with my work, I have a strong self-criticism.

I think some tattoos done in my early years are really bad 😅😅😅😅

Besides being a tattoo artist, you are also a good guitarist.
Over the years you founded Peter Punk and Bad Habits, with whom you toured half of Europe.
Has music influenced your style? What other passions have you cultivated?

Thank you very much for the good guitarist ❤️ !

Music has brought me further into the world of tattooing, although my style (of tattooing), has very little to do with the music I play. I like this a lot i.e. expressing moods and passions with different forms of art.

With the bandmates of the Cattive Abitudini we have a tattoo in common namely "Cris" which is a kind of little monster mascot of the band.

The 'order of my passions has been this: first, drawing, then tattooing, and in middle school, music, which, however, when it came, came overpoweringly into my life 😃

As a tattoo artist, what advice would you give to those considering this career?

Love this job wholeheartedly and don't think about how cool you can be or how much money you can make or becoming famous with tattooing.

In my opinion, the thought should focus on creating great work to continuously study, the rest will be a natural consequence.

What do you like to do in life when you are not working? How do you spend your free time?

I love being with my partner Diana, with whom I have shared life for 13 years, and with my two pugs Jeffrey and Melvin.

I also love going to concerts, visiting museums and traveling in general.

Some free thoughts!

In general: let's not close ourselves off to cultivate our little inner selves.

Let's share, meet new people let's make real and lasting relationships only then can we grow as individuals and as artists.

What is your Instagram profile?

What is your studio address/what studios do you work for?

IV DIMENSIONE Studio is located in Treviso at Via Feltrina 264, I collaborate with Bologna's freak circus and there are more collaborations coming, stay tuned 😜


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