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Find now the best piercing and tattoo artists and studios for you.

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Where Tattoo Lovers
meet Tattoo Artists.

Find now the best piercing and tattoo artists and shops for you.
Search tattoo artists, shops and studios.
Filter by stile and book your visit online.

Inkd! Tribe

The Best Tattoo Community

Inkd Tribe is the world’s largest Tattoo information platform.
Inkd Tribe is the TripAdvisor of tattoo artists and studios.

Inkd Tribe helps thousands of people each month find the right Tattoo and Piercing artist for their next skin artwork. 

Use the Inkd Tribe site to browse thousands of reviews, videos, pictures, suggestions of Tattoo studios and Artists, Piercing Stores, Tattoo removal shops and Body Implants professionals.


Tattooed people use Inkd Tribe to select the best artist for their next piece of art on their skin.


Do you…

  • Want to get a new tattoo during a trip?
  • Want to try a new tattoo studio?
  • Fancy a piercing?

Inkd Tribe helps you find the best artist!


Filter by style and location, read the comments and opinions from other people, let the Tattoed Tribe help you!


Inkd Tribe, the ultimate Tattoo community, is available in more than 50 countries  and growing!

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Each month more than 140,000 searches are performed on Inkd Tribe, to find the right artist or studio for a new Tattoo!

What Tattooed People think of InkdTribe.

Average score: 4.8

I live in London and I love to get a new tattoo each time I travel with my friends. Before discovering Inkd! I had a hard time finding good artists outside of my city, and I had a couple of bad experiences as well.

I have been using Inkd! for a while and so far I have been positively impressed. Checking out the experiences and photos of previous customers of a studio let me decide what the best option for me can be.

I My friends have started using Inkd! too and we are super happy about being part of this "Tribe"!
Mark Johnson
I am an Italian designer and I love geometric tattoos. It's not easy to find good artists for this specific style. Inkd! has helped to connect with a great French artist that was travelling to Rome and I got the chance to meet her and get my back tattooed in one day.

Amazing. My girlfriend has started using Inkd! as well as she likes the "old style" classic tattoos and wanted to get a new one while on a business trip to Singapore.

She got back with the best tattoo ever!
Riccardo Rossetti
I have recently moved to Marseille and I had no friends here, so I could not ask anyone where to get a good tattoo.

I saw a sticker from Tattoo in a pub, and decided to check it out. Wow. I found exactly the type of studio I was looking for and they could help me decide the right tattoo, we had a preliminary session going over multiple options and designs, and in the end we agreed on a kind of watercolor tattoo that is impressing every new people I meet! In addition, I got a 20 € discount on the price since I contacted them through Inkd.

I could not ask for more!
Claire J.

Are you a Tatto Artist?

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We are a community

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We recognize each other, we are part of the same large family.


Each drop of ink on our skin makes us unique, but part of the same Tribe.

Find the right Tattoo Artist

It’s not easy, we know it. 

Each time you want to get a tattoo you struggle to find the best artist for your skin.

Let’s help each other.

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Let’s be a tribe.

Connections and Experiences

We all want to create connections with people like us.

Tattoo artists with the Tattoo Tribe.


Tattoos are the connection that we bring with us, every second, every moment, every day.


Be part of this tribe, be unique, be connected.

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